Covid-19 Information

All Staff should read this guide

A guide on how to use VPN is now available. This guide contains important information on how to disable the VPN and prioritise VPN access.

Other useful guides

  • A guide on working from home has been published on the COVID-19 page. This guide covers technology and basic tips on working effectively from home. (video, simple guides, cyber-security guidelines etc.) This information is very basic and easy to follow- please direct employees to inform themselves when working from home.
  • A “Yam Jam” Q&A session on COVID-19 is scheduled for next Tuesday, March 17 between 12pm-1pm CET. Technology leaders will be answering questions live – this is for all employees. You can already ask questions to be answered on yammer using hashtag #covid19technology
  • A Working from home yammer group has been established for sharing experiences on yammer. All colleagues are invited to join the Working from home yammer group.

Keep up to date on the Maersk Covid-19 Information Sharepoint page.